Postnatal care

Postpartum care is also a part of maternity guidelines and include care trough your midwife.
During this time I can do homevisits and support you as needed.
My support includes medical care for mother and child.
Furthermore I will do my best to answer all questions concerning this new part of your life.
Information about postpartum courses, medical help is also provided.

What does your midwife do during a home visit?

During my visits...

... i check Babys general health conditions
... check the umbilical cord
... show how to bathe your baby
... look at drinking and sleeping habits of your baby
... help in case of problems like nappy-rush, belly-ache, sore nipples etc.
... show everything about infant care like clipping nails, washing etc.
... take care of moms physical and mental condition
... check the involution of the uterus
... show different positions for breastfeeding
... answer all questions
( breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleeping, weaning)

Duration of postnatal care by your midwife

Postnatal care is included in maternal care guidelines and is covered by your health insurance.
Therefor it is covered by your health insurance and, if you do not have health
insurance by social services.
The first 10 days, I can visit every day, no matter if you delivered your baby in
a hospital or at home. If needed the visits can be extendet up to 12 weeks.
F.e. after a ceasarean, problems after perineal stitches, delayed healing
of the umbilical cord, feeding problems, prolongued hospitalization.
Up to 12 weeks after the delivery, home visits, phone or video calls are covered.
If you are breastfeeding, there is even the option to see me even longer.
In case, a doctor sees the need for more help from your midwife, you could get a prescription for that.
( f.e.if your baby has been hospitalized longer ).
In that case, yor health insurance coveres more help from your midwife.
Please contact me in time if you want me to be your midwife, so I can plan!