Postnatal gymnastics

You are entitled to 10 hours of postnatal exercise.
These are paid by the health insurance.
You should start the course at the earliest 6 weeks after the birth.
After difficult births (caesarean section or large birth injuries) you should wait a little longer and
then Start 8-10 weeks after birth.
For reimbursement by your health insurance company it is important that you finish the course BEFORE
your child is 9 months old.
In the regression course, the pelvic floor - which is heavily
by pregnancy and birth - is trained.
In addition, exercises are done for the abdominal muscles, the back and the whole body.
Stretching and relaxation exercises are also good for every
and are part of the rehabilitation gymnastics.

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Where does the course take place?

At the moment, rehabilitation gymnastics is only offered online.
WEDNESDAY from 12.30-13.45
In order to participate in the recovery gymnastics you need Jitsi Meet.
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IMPORTANT: <br You send me 30 minutes
before the course a e-mail to:
I will send you the access data with which you can log in.