Birth preparation

Bringing a new life to this world is probably one of the most exiting things that could happen ever! Taking birth preparation classes help being prepared for this extraordinary event. During my courses we discuss and talk about all kinds of questions concerning pregnancy, delivery, post partum, breastfeeding and your new life with your baby. We illuminate everything from contractions to painmedication, infant care, feeding and a lot more, so you feel prepared for what is to come.

A good time to take this course would be between week 28 and 36. Your health insurance covers 14 hours of birth preparation. If you need more we can organize an individual agreement which you would have to pay yourself. You can join a course with or without your partner. The fee for a partner who wants to join is 140,- Euro. Some insurances cover the partnerfee. For further info on that, please contact your insuranvce company.

Please fill out the registration form and send it to me by e-mail. Please note that for organizational reasons you will NOT receive a confirmation of registration!

To fill out the form you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

You would prefer to do the birth preparation course online? Then please follow the link. You can get the course for 77€.

Where does the course take place?

The courses take place in my practice in
Please note that there is limited parking available here.
If you use public transportation, you can use the Take the U3 to Sierichstraße or Borgweg.
Alternatively you can take the Metrobus 25 to the stop Goldbekplatz/ Dorotheenstraße
or the Metrobus 6 to Goldbekplatz drive.
From there it is only a few steps on foot.