Viktoria Nickel 

Midwife and alternative practitioner

Being your midwife, I offer support and help during pregnancy, during childbed and with breastfeeding.
Bringing a new life to this world is an exiting and very challenging experience,
coming along with multiple questions and insecurities.
My job is to offer professionel courses, advice and help.
With offering courses, home visits and phone or video calls.

My practice

I am pleased to welcome you to my practice in beautiful Winterhude.

My new online course for birth preparation in German and English. Is covered by many health insurance companies against receipt submission!


Birth preparation


Video on demand
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Systemic constellation

29. Oktober 2022       10-17 Uhr
30. Oktober 2022      10-17 Uhr
10. Dezember 2022   10-17 Uhr
11. Dezember 2022    10-17 Uhr


Birth preparation

Postnatal care



Homeopathy for children

Naturopathy & Homeopathy

Initial equipment

Postnatal gymnastics

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