Initial equipment

What initial equipment do I need for my baby?

In retail stores, you can find countless cute to useful items in children's departments
- in all imaginable colors and desired motifs.
These lead first to numerous calls of enthusiasm and then directly to the question
of what you actually need for your baby from this overwhelming range of products.
As a little help I have compiled my recommendations for the initial equipment
based on my practical experience. You can also download them as a practical list to print out
and take them with you on your shopping trip!


8 bodies
with short and long arms

6 rompers
2-4 pairs of socks
2 caps, one made of cotton and in winter a second one of wool
2 sleeping bags
4 long-sleeved jackets or sweaters
1 thick snow suit (in winter)
1 blanket, preferably made of wool
5 gauze diapers
3 molleton cloths
2 bath towels
Baby bathtub or bucket
A heat source for the changing table
(also "summer children" are happy about it)
1 nail scissors for children
1 digital clinical thermometer
(suitable for temperature measurement in the buttocks)
1 soft baby hairbrush
Wind and weather ointment
for winter children
Sun protection for summer children
Car seat, if you have a car
baby sling or baby carrier
and / or baby carriage
Oil and absorbent cotton pads
healing wool, for sore bottom and sore nipples