I am there for you during the whole pregnancy and beyond

- whenever you have questions or need my advice
- during the regular examinations for prenatal care
- in preparation for the birth
- after the birth in the puerperium
- in my many courses

Where the midwife helps

Being your midwife, I offer support and help during pregnancy, during childbed and with breastfeeding. Bringing a new life to this world is an exiting and very challenging experience, coming along with multiple questions and insecurities. My job is to offer professionel courses, advice and help.With offering courses, home visits and phone or video calls. A lot of my work is covered by health insurance. But I also offer additional services that might not be covered, like birth-preparation akupunkture.You would have to pay them yourself. The partnerfee for joining a birth-preparation course is covered by some insurance companies. Please ask yours. If they do not cover the partnerfee, you would have to pay that too.


How does the payment work?

If you have statutory health insurance, I send my invoice directly to your insurance company, you do not have to take care of anything. In case of private health insurance, you receive my invoice, pay and get your expances refunded by your insurance company.