Birth Preparation akupuncture

Acupuncture is an old, traditional part of traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM)
With this Acupuncture, I offer a unique labour preparation.
The treatments are comprehensive, effective and gentle to prepare the whole body for birth.
I recommend you start preparing for birth in week 37and see me 4 times for this special treatment.

Positiv effects:
This treatment helps reducin g the time spent in labour, prevent tearing and lessen the rate of medical intervention including medical inductions and caesarian sections.

Acupuncture can prepare the uterus to effectively contract during birth, softens the cervix,
engage the baby in the pelvis and prevent overdue deliveries.
Also acupuncture can be used for ailments like
carpal tunnel syndrom
morning sickness
and a lot more...


One appointment is around 20 Minutes and costs 25 euros
and is not covered by health insurance.

Die Gebühr für die geburtsvorbereitende Akupunktur beträgt: 25 EUR