Even our little ones enjoy a relaxing massage!
During 4 dates, I show you different types of babymassage.
Not only to make your baby feel cosy and relaxed, but also to develop contact and bonding between you and your baby.
With babymassage you can expirience a lot of advantages.
You minimize belly ache, circulation is intensified and on the emotional level you comfort your baby through touch.
The emotional bond with your baby is intensified.

Momentan können keine Kurse vor Ort Stattfinden..Es gibt aber die Möglichkeit Einzelstunden zu buchen. Vielleicht ein schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk?

4 appointments, 1 hour each

1 date:
Indian baby massage
THE traditional and oldest way

2 date:
Butterfly massage, developed by Eva Reich.
Very light, carefull touching.
Perfect for premature and highly sensitiv babies

3 date:
cat`s paw massage
Like a cat,
very carefull

4 date:
Special techniques for aches and pains in babies life
The massage is suitable for little aches and pains like
blocked nose, teething, wind

The massages offer both practical benefits,
for example, flatulence is reduced and the blood circulation is stimulated,
and an emotional one, because you give your child a feeling of security
through the touches and strengthen the bond between you.
You are wellcome to the course if your baby is 6 weeks or older.
The course takes place if there are 6 participants.
The fee for babymassage class is 80.- euros. kompletten Kurs beträgt: 90,- EUR

Where does the course take place?

The courses take place in my practice in
Please note that there is limited parking available here.
If you use public transportation, you can use the Take the U3 to Sierichstraße or Borgweg.
Alternatively you can take the Metrobus 25 to the stop Goldbekplatz/ Dorotheenstraße
or the Metrobus 6 to Goldbekplatz drive.
From there it is only a few steps on foot.