Prenatal care

I am looking forward to supporting you on your way! Next to courses, I also offer prenatal care as recommended by our healthcare system and maternity guidelines. I can accompagny you during your complete pregnancy alternating with your gynacologist. For ultrasound and in case of complications, you will have to see your gynacologist and/ or a clinic. All other services are offered in my office.

Your questions, my answers

I support you during the whole pregnancy and also in the time after the birth by advising you, answering all your questions and helping you with any complaints you may have, like
What is the right diet?
Job and maternity leave
Where can mothers and families get financial help?
Questions about prenatal diagnostics
What kind of birth preparation is right for me?
Where will my child be born?
(home, practice, clinic and outpatient birth)
Help in case of pelvic end position or premature contractions
Breastfeeding Preparation
Can I do sports and if so, which ones?
Partnership, sexuality and contraception after birth

Consultations during pregnancy

maternity leave and work

Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

physical and mental complaints

Selection of birth place, clinic, birth house, etc.

Courses for pregnant women

Midwife assistance in the puerperium

Partnership and sexuality before and after birth

Care for your baby

Breast feeding and infant nutrition

Postnatal gymnastics
and much more

Help with pregnancy problems

In case of health problems and medical conditions that need no extra medication and/ or special medical care, I offer a wide range of alternative methods, such as akupuncture and homeopathy. These extra services are not covered by health insurance. For further info, click here

The following check-ups are offered:



Checks for growth and position of the baby

Heartbeat and contractions


Laboratory analysis, f.e. iron, bloodgroup