Naturheilkunde & Homöopathie

Many people trust in the effectiveness of naturopathic and
homeopathic treatments.
The aim is to bring people back into their natural balance.
After a detailed conversation, the alternative practitioner chooses the one that
most suitable for the individual person from a variety of substances.

Effect of naturopathy

Naturopathy includes many, partly very old healing methods and therapies,
such as classical homeopathy, phytotherapy and massages.
With these healing methods, many diseases can be influenced positively
- for example, blood values can be improved, joint and back pain can be relieved
and the psyche can often be brought back into balance in this way.


Phytotherapy, also called herbal medicine,
is a natural healing method that uses the healing power of plants.
For centuries, phytotherapy has been successfully used in the treatment
of various diseases and has often served as the basis for the development of conventional medicines.
If desired, I include phytotherapy in my care in order to offer every woman support
that is individually tailored to her needs.

Bach Flowers and Flower Essence Therapy

The Bach Flower or Flower Essence Therapy is
probably known to many - it is a gentle and holistic healing method to maintain or regain health.
Today's time and our unhealthy way of life often overtaxes us
physically and mentally and causes more and more often an imbalance,
which can be the cause for different complaints.
One should not resign oneself to these, but actively look for solutions.
With the help of flower essences, for example, the detoxification of
the body can be accelerated or the metabolism can be stimulated.
These treatments are also very well suited for children to help them lead a balanced and happy life.
With the Bach Flower Treatment developed by Dr. Edward Bach
and its special healing power, I offer you a gentle method
of healing and feeling well in a natural way.


The goal of classical homeopathy is to find
a remedy that is right for the WHOLE person.
Thus, a remedy is not simply prescribed for a single symptom
- rather, the entirety of the person, consisting of body, soul and spirit, is considered.
With the help of the right remedy, the balance between these
three components can be restored, thus alleviating symptoms that are the expression of an imbalance.
Homeopathy can be very helpful both for
chronic diseases and for acute complaints. In addition, these gentle healing methods can often stabilize the psyche and soul.
On request, I will be happy to advise you on my range of naturopathic and homeopathic treatments
and their costs (please note that these services must be paid for privately).

Homeopathy for children

During my 2.5 hour evening course I will teach you the basics for the
homeopathic treatment of your child.
You will learn what you can do yourself in case of "minor ailments", such as injuries, colds and
fever, to provide relief for your child.
The course takes place with a minimum of 6 participants.
The fee for the course is: 60,- EUR per person.